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Mimica Touch

The intelligent way to know it's fresh


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How to read the label



This side of the label will always stay smooth. It gives you something to compare against the bumpy side for frame of reference.


The date is our best prediction as to when the food will spoil. This assumes all the right conditions from factory to shelf.


This side of the label will go bumpy when the food has actually spoiled. Feel it before you use the product to make sure it’s still fresh.


Save more, waste less


In the UK we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink annually, costing the average UK household £470 a year.

Mimica Touch is designed to tell you if your food is still fresh, so you can save more and waste less.




Why trust the bumps over the Use By date?

Currently, use by dates are simply an estimation of how long a product will last at a specific temperature. But in reality, food is subjected to so many scenarios and temperatures that do affect how long it will stay fresh for. Because the Mimica Touch label responds to all of these temperature variations in the same way food does, checking for the bumps is a much more reliable method to determine the exact freshness of food.

What happens if I freeze my food?

If you do decide to freeze food with a Mimica Touch label on it, follow the FSA guidelines and consume the product within 24 hours of defrosting. Unfortunately, freezing the Mimica Touch label does affect its accuracy, so please don’t use it as an indicator after freezing.

Can I recycle Mimica Touch?

The Mimica Touch label is currently not recyclable. But don’t worry, it will be removed from the packaging at the recycling centre, so it won’t affect its recyclability. We’re looking into integrating biodegradable materials into the design in the future, so the label will be compostable.

Can I put a Mimica Touch on other foods?

Unfortunately not. Each Mimica Touch label is calibrated specifically with the manufacturers to mimic the food it is attached to. Please do not remove the label and put it on other packages as it will not give an accurate indication of freshness.


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