Mimica Touch

Mimica's first product, Mimica Touch, is a biologically accurate food expiry indicator calibrated to experience decay at the same rate as food

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Biologically accurate

The gel inside Mimica Touch is made from a by-product from the food industry: gelatine. Because it is a foodstuff itself, it behaves in the same way that packaged food does due to the molecular composition. The gel reacts to temperature changes in the cold chain and in the consumer's home. These result in molecular breakdown, that then translates to tactile information for the user. 

Mimica Touch is a data driven product that uses a biological model to show an accumulative effect of the changes in the packaged food in real time without the need for a reading device.

The gel is calibrated for each product line by putting shelf life testing data from the lab into our mathematical model which will determine the optimum formulation to use.

Accessible tactile information

When the label is smooth - the food is fresh, when the bumps can be felt – it is no longer safe to eat. Providing a tactile indication of food spoilage means that Mimica Touch is accessible by all. The indicator was developed collaboratively with people with visual impairments.

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Easily manufactured & applied

Mimica Touch has been designed to make use of existing packaging manufacturing equipment - after all, it is simply a scaled down package consisting of a plastic tray and a lidding film with the gel inside. The label can be made on site and is easily adhered to existing packages making it highly adoptable.


Where can you find us?

We are still developing our product and haven't launched yet but you can find us at conferences and talks.